Piccolo XR

Long-range wireless control and monitoring node extending the reach of your automation.

The Ultimate Irrigation Control Platform

The Piccolo XR is often used to control remote assets within an irrigation or water management system. Easy installation, long-range wireless communication, flexible I/O or station options and the reliability Motorola products are known for make the Piccolo XR a key component in the IRRInet platform.

No Internet/Cellular?

The Piccolo XR operates on low power radio that is built into the control unit. As the wireless Irrigation Control node operating on ultra low frequency radio technology, the Piccolo XR provides unmatched infield range capabilities between 2-10 miles depending on the terrain.

With it's powerful Store and Forward capabilities, the XR's wireless range can be extended to a nearly limitless distance

Field Ready

The Field Ready Unit (FRU) is an enclosure system that is NEMA 4x rated with a built in solar panel. The XR battery never has to be charged, and can even remain operational without sun light for up to 45 days. The CAS is made out of vessel class composite and has a strong integrated locking system to prevent un-authorized access.

Sensor Suite

Need to read Moisture from a Soil Tensiometer? Pressure from a Transducer? Or how about control a motorized gate valve? The Piccolo XR has built-in Analog and Digital I/O that allow you to use whichever sensors work best for your application. No need to mess around with interfaces, software packages, or integration. The Motorola Piccolo XR comes complete with compatibility of over 100,000 different sensors.

Made by the best.

IRRInet ACE is made by leading electronics and communications powerhouse Motorola Solutions. Decades of refinement and R&D has gone into the the IRRInet ACE to ensure all users have a reliable and proven platform for their automation and control applicaitons.

Piccolo XR Overview

Have a remote area where you need to control one, two, or even four valves? Start/Stop a pump? Measure Moisture? Or even a 30 inch Mainline? Piccolo XR is your answer.

Irrigation Control

Controlling Irrigation functions such as Valves, Measuring Flow, Starting/Stopping Pumps, Fertigation is easier than ever with Piccolo XR. The Field Ready Units are designed to be pole mounted in the field and can immediately  control remote valves that are tens of miles apart and read sensors such as moisture or pressure sensors.


From measuring and monitoring Soil Moisture, Flow Rates, Pressure, Water Movement, Water Levels, pH, Salinity and more to water usage during scheduled or dynamic irrigation cycles, Piccolo XR packs the punch in terms of capabilities in a cost effective and compact package.

Integral Part of IRRInet

The Piccolo XR is part of IRRInet and IRRInet X. Integrating in one or multiple master units (IRRInet M or ACE), the XR can be deployed easily with new or existing systems. The XR wirelessly extends the reach of IRRInet ACE or IRRInet M Remote Field Units.

Extending the reach of IRRInet

Piccolo XR redefined the wireless irrigation controller. It packs an unprecedented punch by having what previously was not possible – vast wireless range, powerful control and monitoring capabilities, self sufficient and low cost. Farmers, Cities and Water Users around the world rely on Piccolo XR to reliably open and close valves, read sensors, turn on pumps and much more. The Piccolo XR is a wireless "arm" of an IRRInet Field Control Unit.


Multiple Operations

Remote I/O

The Piccolo XR is a "Remote" of the IRRInet ACE or IRRInet M via the dedicated Piccolo Interface Unit. For each IRRInet "Master", there can be 256 Piccolo XRs connected.

Store and Forward / Repeater

Extending the reach of the Piccolo XR, beyond the 10 mile range (topology dependent), each Piccolo XR can extend the wireless range up to 18 hops (though rarely used due to the Piccolo XRs powerful range).

The Piccolo XR can be many things at the same time.
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Piccolo XR Applications

The Motorola Piccolo XR is suitable in various water and irrigation related industries.

Picture of a Park being irrigated

Turf and Landscape Intelligent irrigation control and monitoring

As a remote node to the IRRInet ACE, the Piccolo XR is ideal for remote control of in-field valves, without the wiring burden of traditional wired or 2-wire systems. The Piccolo XR can also wirelessly connect to flow meters, soil moisture sensors, pressure transducers and many more assets to easily bring intelligence to your operations.

Aerial image of a farm

Agriculture Irrigation and Fertigation Automation

Remote wells, field valves and sensors are widely automated by the Piccolo XR. The solar-powered, weather-proof enclosure system provides growers the awesome control and monitoring capabilities of a fully wireless system without the communication issues found in many un-licensed systems on the market today.



Flexibility. Reliability. Cost - Effective. Piccolo XR delivers the power of Motorola designed for Irrigation Professionals.
Sensor inputs are automatically logged and data may be displayed in trends
Two Way Control and Monitoring
Remote Monitoring and Control Via iPhone or Android app
Real-time performance analysis and status reporting for all field components
Wireless Communications are near instant, ensuring real time control, monitoring and automation.
No power needed. Fully integrated built-in solar panel system.
Tariff/Time (TATI) water accumulation programs
Up to 10 Miles Non Line of Site Wireless Radio Range

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the products
How high should the Piccolo XR be mounted?
Due the the powerful and proprietary radio technology of Motorola, the Piccolo XR can be mounted within the canopy and does not need a direct line of site to the master IRRInet.
How many valves can I connect to each Piccolo XR?
Connect up to 4 valves and 4 sensors to each Piccolo XR.
Will the Piccolo XR power my valve solenoids and other sensors?
Yes. The Piccolo XR built-in battery and solar panel will also power your valve solenoids and sensors it is connected to.

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