High Performance Irrigation Controller with advanced water management capabilities.
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The Ultimate Irrigation Control Platform

When it comes to the world of Irrigation Controllers, IRRInet ACE is in a league of its' own. With more station and I/O availability, higher tolerances for dynamic conditions, multiple communication options and real-time processing — there's truly nothing like it.

Cellular Optional

The IRRInet ACE doesn't need cellular or internet connectivity to wirelessly connect your irrigation operations to the internet. With a suite of wireless connectivity options, including Motorola's MOTOTRBO Digital Radio, you can always have reliable, fast and secure automated irrigation.

Modularity comes Standard

There's no telling what tomorrow holds. Perhaps a new field, or new technology. The IRRInet ACE is built as a modular controller. Modules of different I/O configurations are available for expansion. If another module is damaged, only the module needs to be replaced. This provides greater flexibility for Automation in the field.

Advanced Automation

The Motorola IRRInet ACE puts the power of capability flexibility in your hands. The advanced processor or IRRInet ACE can make real-time automation simple and reliable. Real-time field conditions are monitored at all times, ensuring your irrigation system is running as it should, when it should.

Quality is native

IRRInet ACE is made by leading electronics and communications powerhouse Motorola Solutions. Decades of refinement and R&D has gone into the the IRRInet ACE to ensure all users have a reliable and proven platform for their automation and control applications.

IRRInet ACE Overview

IRRInet ACE is a cutting-edge irrigation control and management controller designed to optimize water usage in agricultural settings. With its advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, the IRRInet ACE enables farmers to remotely monitor and control their irrigation systems in real-time from anywhere, at any time.

Sensor Suite

The intelligence in the field comes from a host of third-party sensors located within the application. From a weather station to the sensors located in the VFD control panel. IRRInet ACE can pull data from nearly any sensor on the market today. Pressure Transducers, Soil Tensiometers, Digital Control Panels, pH sensors, and much more.

Awesome Control

The IRRInet ACE comes complete with options of the most diverse and powerful control options today. From Digital and Analog control to IP, Serial, MODBUS and DNP 3 communication protocols - you can just about have IRRInet ACE control anything.

Part of the IRRInet Family

The IRRInet ACE is an integral part of the IRRInet and IRRInet X control system. IRRInet users can utilize IRRInet ACE to expand on their current systems capabilities, while new users can take advantage of implementing IRRInet ACE for the IFI or field units.

Quality Systems

Integrated to your specifications

IRRInet ACE is tailored to end user application needs to meet client specific requirements. Branif Systems Engineers work with all stakeholders to design a field ready IRRInet ACE that will automate a wide range of Water Management operations — From Dynamic Fertigation, Real-Time Smart Irrigation or Water Distribution applications to unique applications that have yet to be thought of. With Branif Systems, the limitaiton is only your imagination.

Communication Capabilities that give you Freedom

Today, many control systems tie you to a data plan. The MOSCAD 3600 (The IRRInet ACE's Derivative) operates in envorments where it simply cannot tolerate both the speed and reliability of cellular or third party servers. IRRInet ACE allows you the freedom of Radio options that meet the toughest applications. Other communication options are available, such as IP for blazing fast communication


Multiple Operations

The IRRInet ACE can serve many functions in your overall irrigation control network. This provides users expanded flexibility when planning a new smart irrigation control system, upgrading an existing one, or just a retrofit. This expanded flexibility is important to ensure your wireless irrigation control system will meet your water management needs today, tomorrow and well into the future.

  • IFI

    IRRInet Field Interface is the Central Base Station of the system. The unit is the gateway from ICC Pro to the hardware in the field.

  • RTU

    Remote Terminal Unit is the Field Units that are locally connected to control and/or monitoring points.

  • Standalone

    This unit is operating on its own, not talking to any central

  • IRRInet X Router

    For IRRInet X systems, this would be a RTU and a gateway to the IRRInet X server.


IRRInet ACE Applications

The Motorola IRRInet ACE is suitable in various water and irrigation related industries.

Picture of a Park being irrigated

Turf and Landscape Intelligent irrigation control and monitoring

With up to 512 Stations per controller, the IRRInet ACE provides Turf and Landscape users cost-saving advantages. This includes reducing the number of controllers per site and simplifying irrigation designs. In addition, 2-wire decoders are fully supported with up to 172 decoders per controller.

Aerial image of a farm

Agriculture Irrigation and Fertigation Automation

Irrigation Control and Monitoring needs on the farm are extensive, varied and un-predicable. Further, electronics in a field environment often do not mix — unless you have IRRInet ACE. With it's near bullet-proof Motorola design, flexible I/O options, powerful radio communications and mission-critical reliability, you may just wonder how you operated without it.

Greenhouse Automation

Greenhouse automation applications require a significant amount of I/O capacity; advanced climate controls, complex irrigation schemes, dynamic fertilizer needs and more. The IRRInet ACE provides key advantages - high I/O capacity, flexible and secure networking options, and inter-operable protocols to connect to various third party systems within the Greenhouse.

Canal Gates & Irrigation Districts

Managing water delivery to your customers is complex. Managing water delivery when water is no longer an abundant commodity is a near impossible challenge. Ensuring the right amount of water is delivered on-time with minimal loss is and maximum efficiency is possible with IRRInet ACE's advanced remote monitoring and control capabilities. Contact us to learn more about Canal Gates and Irrigation District automation.


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the products
Is the IRRInet ACE an irrigation timer?
While in its' most basic function, the IRRInet ACE can run irrigation based off a time schedule, it is in fact defined as a High Performance Programmable Logic Controller. The IRRInet ACE can run advanced and complex automation tasks, like changing pump speeds to manage certain flow requirements.
Can I control the IRRInet ACE from my smartphone?
Yes! In fact, the IRRInet ACE can be commanded and monitored from an easy to use Mobile Application, designed specifically to run Motorola Irrigation Systems, or locally with simple push buttons.
Is the Motorola IRRInet ACE compatible with non Motorola Irrigation systems?
While the IRRInet ACE can connect to a nearly unlimited number of third party sensors, non-Motorola Irrigation systems currently cannot interface with our system. (Some exceptions apply).
Can I buy IRRInet ACE directly from Branif Systems?
You can purchase the IRRInet ACE from Branif Systems or one of our Dealers. Contact Us to find your nearest representative.