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Branif Systems' portfolio of solutions is designed to deliver engineering excellence to our customers in smart water management, wireless communications and systems integration. We are proud to support some of the leading organizations, institutions and enterprises in these segments of the market. We hope you enjoy browsing our solutions.


Automate every process of your irrigation system, with intelligence. Remote pumps, reservoir automation, sensor-based programs that run irrigation and more. Get ahead of the competition with our proven technology.

Turf and Landscape

From parks, medians and sport-fields to premier golf courses; Get smart about your irrigation with dynamic, weather based irrigation. Utilize our Motorola wireless technology to connect your system, near and (very) far.


Leveraging the autonomous capabilities of modern cloud-based SCADA with the ease of IoT technology (like LoRa), your system can truly be a smart system with intelligence that improves operational resiliency, while being future ready.

CBRS - Private LTE

With a growing number of sensors, devices, platforms and more, taking control of your wireless broadband is critical to ensuring long-term success. Have the network in place to take your business well into the 21st century.