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We have an existing control system, will Motorola work with it?
Branif Systems installed systems may have inter-operable capabilities with your existing control system depending on several factors, such as supported protocols and site specific needs. Contact us with your requirements for us to better determine what compatibility options are avaliable.
What is the warranty for your equipment?
Our general warranty is aligned with Motorola. We offer a 1 year warranty on all hardware, design and installation from the date of installation. For IRRInet X (leased) systems, Branif Systems extends the warranty to the life of the system.
Is there an app for my phone?
Yes! In fact, the Motorola system can be commanded and monitored from an easy to use mobile application, designed specifically to run Motorola Irrigation Systems. Available on iOS or Android platforms.
Is your system cloud based?
We offer our customers many options when it comes to how they choose to setup their system. A growing trend is to select one of our cloud services options which provides customers the added benefit of a more redundant, secure and performant system.
I don't have internet in my field, will your system work?
Absolutely! We can connect your remote field via high power UHF radio to your home or office, up to 45 miles away, where internet is available so that you can manage your irrigation system from anywhere in the world. Further, all the irrigation programs are local to the Motorola system. This means that even with long-range radio connections, the system is responding in real-time to irrigation operations in your field.
What is unique about your system?
Our system  utilizes Motorola technology that consist of robust components made to be exceptionally reliable, secure and capable. Due to cross-platform engineering, our system benefits from significant R&D and product lifecycle development that is unmatched by any of our competitors.

Moreover, our system uses Motorola's cutting-edge radio technology to provide real-time wireless communications from distances not possible by any other irrigation control and monitoring system available today.

Finally, our system is backed by industry giant Motorola. In business for over 95 years and supporting farmers, cities and other irrigation customers for the last 50 years. Having a company that will be around for when you need support is critical to the success of your irrigation and water management operations.

Is there a free trial available?
Branif Systems offers prospective new customers multiple ways to get a sense of the powerful capabilities we offer prior to purchasing any system.
How do I buy?
The first step to purchasing a system from Branif Systems is to contact us. We will either work with you to build your system(s) or refer you to one of our local trained resale partners (Branif Resale Channel).
Where is Branif Systems based?
Our offices are located in Laguna Hills, California
I am interested in a Branif solution, where do I start?
That is great! The first step is to contact us on the contact page of our website. Based on your response, the relevant representative of Branif Systems will reach out to you within 24 hours.
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