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Next Generation Central Control is not centralized. Motorola IRRInet.

Automate all critical assets within your landscape or turf irrigation system. From Irrigation Programs to everything within it - pumps, valves, flow meters, wells and much more. And, it's all wireless!
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Cutting-edge features to automate your landscape world

Automate your City's irrigation system end-to-end with our proven Motorola-based platform. From simple to full-suite automation that will intelligently control, monitor and manage your irrigation system, pumps, sports-fields, medians and much, much more.
Picture of a Park being irrigated

Irrigation Automation

Automate your parks, medians, sport fields and more with Motorola IRRInet. Powerful cloud based control allows total control, regardless of location.

Sensor Suite

Easily and wirelessly connect third-party senors, like PSI transducers, flow meters, temperature probes and much more to your central control system.

Flow Control/Leak Detection

Optimize your flow management with ICC PRO's powerful flow monitoring and optimization software tools. Get peace of mind with automatic leak detection to prevent pipeline bursts and water waste.

Two-Wire Decoder

Connect up to 176 decoders per controller. With two-way communication, you have full control over your landscape and turf irrigation systems.

Multiple Users

From managers to irrigators, easily and securely organize your team so that you maintain consistency and simplicity across your Motorola IRRInet system.

Soil-Moisture Data

Connect most third-party soil sensors to your IRRInet Central Control system. Use it for reference, or take advantage of the intelligence in ICC PRO to drive irrigation decisions.

Connect anywhere

With iOS and Android native applications, take your IRRInet system anywhere you go. Change irrigation programs, respond to a leak or check how much water you have applied.

Weather Based Irrigation

Connect to a local weather station or a weather provider (via ICC PRO's API) to drive irrigation decisions. The system will automatically adjust irrigations schedules based on the weather (ETo).

Powerful Hardware mated with powerful Software

The Power of Branif Systems is the unique pairing of world-class field hardware made by Motorola and cutting-edge advanced mission-specific software to get the job done, day after day, decade after decade.

IRRInet Edge

The IRRInet Edge s a 5th Generation RTU capable of location control of irrigation systems as well as a communication hub for smart sensors, with a built-in LoRa gateway device

Piccolo XR

Piccolo XR is a solar-powered remote node that enables remote valves, sensors and other in-field assets to be automated with the Motorola system, wirelessly and cost-effectively.
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The Motorola control software enables powerful logic-driven irrigation management with user simplicity in mind. A proven platform that gives growers full control of every aspect of their irrigation operations from the web, mobile device or your computer.


Designed to deliver on precise and complex control, ACE3600 is a high tier RTU for your most dynamic irrigation control needs. The modular design of ACE3600 gives you flexibility with your unique irrigation setups.
Solution Overview

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our Agriculture Solutions.
How does your system work?
Every system is unique, but generally, a Motorola RTU is located at a central location on your ranch(s). Local assets, such as pumps, master-valves, filters, and fertigation racks are locally wired to the RTU. In the field blocks, remote nodes (normally a Piccolo XR), are connected to in-field assets, such as valves, moisture sensors or even remote wells. They connect wirelessly to the RTU. The RTU connects to the cloud via cellular, or to a Motorola Master Gateway (which is then connected securely to the cloud) via Digital or Analog Radio. We're working on a shorter way to describe how our system works.
What makes your system unique?
There are three principally unique elements of our system: 1. Radios - Our radios are made by Motorola and use Business Band UHF frequency. The other options on the market use 900MHz or higher. This is not ideal for Agriculture. 2. Hardware - Made by Motorola with Mission-Critical reliability requirements and architecture. 3. Software - Our software provides a high-level of control, intelligence and a intuitive user-experience.
Why should I care about the above?
If you value a high-quality, reliable and ultra-capable system that will be less expensive to own over the life-time of your automation system, then the above will make all the difference.
How do you design a solution for me?
Our team of experts will work with you and your team to design your dream automation system. We'll schedule an initial call, we'll be asking for information like - Irrigation Designs, Maps, KMZ files, what type of sensors you have or would like to have in your system and your KPI drivers (AKA - what are you trying to achieve by automating your farm).
How much does your system cost?
Even if we were allowed to display pricing here, it would be impossible due to the unique needs of every system. Often, automation is a small cost in the overall irrigation system compared to valves, pipe, and pumps - but with a significant and relatively fast ROI (depending on your KPIs).

Still have questions?

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