Robust SCADA for the most demanding applications.

Branif Systems' SCADA solutions utilize the most up to date PLCs, powerful and secure SCADA software and robust and redundant networking and communication options that future proof your system while ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance.
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SCADA systems
Areas of expertise

We are your partners in advanced SCADA systems.

Branif Systems has over 30 years of experience in designing, deploying and supporting SCADA systems. Our capabilities cover the entire SCADA process, from PLC and Software integration to IT management and wireless communications networking. We work with Water/Irrigation Districts, Waste Water Utilities, Oil and Gas and in many cases, niche applications that require broad engineering expertise.

PLC/RTU Integration

Whether it's an operational-wide upgrade or an expansion, we will ensure your legacy and next generation systems work with your existing infrastructure.

Software Integration

Have different SCADA software that need to seamlessly communicate with each-other? That's where our software integration engineers come in. We make software talk the same language.

Communication Systems

From Digital VHF radio to cellular, IP or Microwave. Our wireless engineers are experts in wireless data communications.

Reporting and Alerting

Real-time alerting and reporting of all your operations that are connected to your SCADA system. From water tank levels to out of range PH levels and everything in-between.

Cloud Deployment

Our team has wide-ranging experience in upgrading and migrating legacy "on-prem" systems to the cloud, delivering the vast performance improvements that only the cloud can.

SCADA Design

SCADA design that will meet your system needs for decades to come. Our core principle of delivering solutions that will withstand the applications it serves is achieved only by applying the highest quality engineering.


Automating pumps, remote gates, siren alerting, water tank levels, lift stations and much more. We specialize in Water, Waste-Water, and Oil/Gas, applications.

Systems Integration

Our team specializes in end-to-end systems integration. Third-party platforms, such as VFDs, sensors, and software systems need to work together. Branif Systems will make that a reality.
SCADA Hardware Platform

Powerful Hardware mated with powerful Software for robust SCADA

The Power of Branif Systems is the unique pairing of world-class field hardware made by Motorola and cutting-edge advanced mission-specific software to get the job done, day after day, decade after decade.


The MC-Edge is a 5th Generation RTU that delivers powerful IoT capabilities as well as PLC functionalities. MC-Edge serves as a communication hub for smart sensors, with a built-in LoRa gateway, LTE Modem and options for Digital Radio backhaul.

Piccolo XR

Piccolo XR is a solar-powered remote node that enables remote monitoring of sensors and other in-field assets to be automated with the Motorola system, wirelessly and cost-effectively.
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The Motorola SCADA platform works with most off-the-shelf SCADA software packages, such as Wonderware, VT SCADA, Ignition, iFIX and WIN CC Unified. Branif integrates these packages to the Motorola platform. We also offer customized software solutions for specific customer needs.


Designed to deliver on precise and complex control, ACE3600 is a high tier RTU for your most dynamic and challenging SCADA needs. The modular design of ACE3600 gives you flexibility with your unique infrastructure setups.
Integrated Approach

One system for your Waste-Water

Measure, control and protect your Waste Water infrastructure. Know about a failure before they become a problem. Reduce risk with redundancy built-in. Bridge disparate systems into one common architecture.
Digital Radio backhaul fail-over for disaster-proof communications
Modbus, DNP3, Secure API, MQTT options to integrate your systems
PLC options to meet your site needs. Highly secure platform
Powerful PID options for real-time control and automation
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Solution Overview

Branif Systems Advantages

Quality, Reliability and Engineering Excellence are built into every solution we offer.
Branif employs the most reliable design in communications which has an added benefit of lowering monthly or annual data subscription costs. The Motorola SCADA system utilizes a combination of powerful digital radios and IP cellular nodes to wirelessly connect your sites to the cloud, saving thousands in annual data costs while improving operational reliability and security.
Quality Systems
Branif utilizes hardware manufactured by top-tier world-class PLC and communication manufactures, like Siemens and Motorola. All our SCADA systems have critical components, such as PLCs and RTUs that are purpose built for "Mission - Critical" systems with a design MTBF (tested) of at least 30 years. This is ensures your SCADA system last years into the future while operational integrity is maintained with a system you and your customers can rely on.
Supported by Motorola Solutions
We have a 3 decade long partnership with Motorola Solutions. A support team backs Branif Systems behind every client and project. Our integration team works closely with expert engineers from Motorola Solutions to successfully execute projects with the highest of standards.
Add or expand to your system easily with the modularity of our platform agnostic capabilities. Adding a new site? No problem. All Branif Systems designed SCADA systems are built with future expandability in mind.
Longer Product Cycles
Each Branif Systems install is inherently designed with a lifespan more than 20 years with forwards and backwards compatibility built into every design. This ensures that your investment will not become obsolete in 5 or even 10 years. Your system will be compatible with the latest generation of SCADA technology which includes software, hardware and the latest sensor technology.

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