Motorola IRRInet

Irrigation Automation for
the Professional
Motorola IRRInet Family

Motorola IRRInet Platform

IRRInet uses a combination of hardware and software components to automate irrigation and management.


IRRInet hardware is designed to provide reliable and accurate data collection, control, and monitoring capabilities for irrigation systems.

IRRInet Ace

Motorola IRRInet ACE is a high performance RTU designed to deliver precise control and management of irrigation operations.

Piccolo XR

Piccolo XR wirelessly extends the reach of the IRRInet ACE as a compact remote I/O node. Ideal for valve control and remote sensors.


IRRInet software is a key component of the IRRInet system and is designed to provide advanced functionality for irrigation and management. The software includes a suite of applications that enable farmers and water managers to remotely monitor and control their irrigation networks, collect and analyze data, and optimize their water usage.


ICC PRO is a cloud based professional irrigation control software designed to run on the Motorola platform. From logic-driven programs to integrating smart sensors to execute weather-based irrigation management, you have full control.