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How can we help you?


The Scalable Enabler of Efficiency

Large areas with diverse parks, center medians, sport fields and buildings need a reliable and cost effective automation solution to control irrigation operations. Our solutions delivers on strong and reliable communication that connects your entire city’s irrigation needs to the internet. We enable you to maximize every drop of water to enable you to reduce the water budget, make smarter and quicker decisions and provide the best quality of landscape possible. A truly scalable centralized irrigation control and monitoring system.

Choose the Capabilities you need.

Every City is Unique in many ways, and landscape and water management is no exception. Each City presents different and unique challenges Multiple water sources, diverse landscapes, and of course various areas, topology, and unique climates. No one system is the same. The Branif Systems solution is designed with flexibility at its core. With full backwards and forwards compatibility, just dial-in the capabilities you need today, while being ready for tomorrow.



In Today’s world, we are as mobile as ever. With all the different responsibilities that your team has, you need to communicate with everyone on your team and delegate effectively. With the Motorola IRRInet system from Branif Systems, you carry your irrigation partner in your pocket with our mobile app, and so can everyone on your team. You’ll get alerts, be able to make commands and control and monitor all irrigation operations all from your phone, regardless of where you are, or aren’t.



Our Motorola Irrigation solution gives you every capability of any web based wireless control and monitoring solution, and then some, without burdening you with monthly or annual subscription fees. We have no fees.


Connect your existing sensors to the Motorola Irrigation system. Its open platform easily integrates with thousands of sensors on the marker today, making costly retrofitting unnecessary in most cases.


Irrigate with precision and start irrigating based on volume of water instead of time. While time based irrigation is commonly used, and our system can irrigate base on time, volume based irrigation provides an added level of precision to account for system variables such as flow, pressure, leaks and other unknowns.


Many teams, or even companies part of your landscaping operations? With Branif Systems, you have the control to assign authorized users to access and interact with the Motorola Irrigation control system. Even more, you can precisely and securely define what level of access and control each user has. So perhaps your irrigation manager has full access, while your contractor can only open and close a few zones.


As a Turf provider, City, Park, or other Turf application, scalable capability means more than growing in area. It means the ultimate in flexibility. Plan and anticipate the future with Branif Systems. Maybe you will add a new park, or a new sensor. Perhaps you want to control your field lights remotely. Whatever the case, you are ready today for tomorrow with Branif Systems.


Your IRRInet Irrigation Control and Monitoring system can now be a completely integrated Push to Talk network. Using the existing radio network IRRInet uses for communication you can take your in-field communications to a new level. Your team in the field can be equipped with Hand-Helds as well as the WAVE ONCloud App for your smartphone. The Branif Channel module is needed and your system must have Motorola's MOTOTRBO Digital Radios.

System Layout