Optimize and automate your Water Management operations

Branif Systems' state of the art turn-key SCADA solutions utilize the most up to date PLCs  SCADA software and robust and secure networking and communication options that future proof your system while ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance.

Automate pumping, distribution, water storage, water quality reporting and equip your organization with the tools to be agile and respond to real-time operational changes.

Operational insight at every asset

Wirelessly connect all physical assets across the FutureOps network. Depending on your exact geographical and operational needs, various communication options are available so that no matter what or where your water management assets are, they can be connected to your SCADA system for Real-Time monitoring, control and data collection.


Fully Integrated Wireless SCADA for your application

End to End Solution

Our solutions are fully integrated systems that are tailer made for your exact needs while utilizing proven components from world class brands, like Motorola and Siemens. We deliver a finished system, including the Wireless Networking, HMIs, Operator Workstations and everything else required to provide a fully operational 21st Century SCADA system.

Security at the core

From the ground up, all our systems are built with advanced, multi-layer security that is native to the platform that is being used. From 7 Layer Encryption from Motorola's MDLC protocol to HTTPS for web based applications and VPN Tunnels for a system that is redundant and secure from both a hardware and networking aspect.

Remote Locations

Connect, monitor and control sites that are in the middle of nowhere. Our SCADA solutions work with Motorola Digital High Power Radio, covering up to 40 miles from site to site, Satellite communications and other broadband solutions to ensure that regardless of the site, your operations will be safely and reliably monitored, controlled

Widely Supported

Our SCADA solutions are made up of Software and Hardware that is industry standard and backed by two global powerhouses in the telemetry, SCADA, and Mission Critical Automation segments, Siemens and Motorola Solutions. Our system can be supported directly from hundreds of solution providers around the world.

Branif Systems SCADA Clients

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Branif Systems designed a reliable solution that overcame the extremely remote nature of our parks — Now we have a fully automated water distribution system that we can count on

Silvia Nicols

Lead Technician
Testimonial Image

BMW Group has over 1,000 Radios for our teams at our Performance Centers and Testing Track facilities. We needed a seamless solution for our drivers to activate the various skid-pads in real-time. Branif Systems customized our Motorola handheld radios so that our Drivers could push a custom button on their radios from within the vehicle, while driving on the track.

Kevin Gonzalez

Technical Manager, BMW North America


The SCADA system of today requires a modern user and operator HMI experience. Branif Systems creates stunning, fast and application specific HMIs for site specific needs with the latest and most secure web protocols. Our SCADA Software package is a suite of powerful visualization templates customized by Branif that runs on Siemens WIN CC which offers powerful, web based HTML 5 visualizations that work across fixed and mobile devices.

Branif Advantages

Lower Subscription costs

Branif employs the most reliable design in communications which has an added benefit of lowering monthly or annual data subscription costs. The futureOps SCADA system utilizes a combination of powerful digital radios and IP cellular nodes to wirelessly connect your sites to the cloud, saving thousands in annual data costs while improving operational reliability and security.


Add or expand to your system easily with the modularity of our platform agnostic capabilities. Adding a new site? No problem. All Branif Systems designed SCADA systems are built with future expandability in mind. Adding a new lift-station? Just add a  expansion I/O Module to your existing  system.


Branif utilizes hardware manufactured by top-tier world-class PLC and communication manufactures, like Siemens and Motorola. All futureOps systems have critical components, like PLCs and RTUs that are purpose built for "Mission - Critical" systems with a design MTBF (Tested) of at least 30 years, longer by a wide margin than any other irrigation system on the market today.

Integration of third party sensors

Our system is compatible with nearly any third party sensor or control asset. Connect to weather stations, moisture sensors, pressure sensors, VFD panels, Databases, specific API protocols and more with ease.

Supported by Motorola and Siemens

A strong, dedicated support team backs Branif Systems behind every client and project. Our integration team works closely with support and controls engineers from Siemens and Motorola to successfully execute projects with the highest of quality standards.

Longer Product Cycles

Each Branif install is inherently designed with a lifespan of 30 years or longer, with forwards and backwards compatibility built into every system. This ensures that your investment will not become obsolete in 5, or even 10 years. Your futureOps system will be compatible with the latest generation of SCADA technology which includes software and the latest sensor technology.


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