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Our Irrigation Control Systems are built for those who's businesses rely on irrigation. Growers, Irrigation Districts, and Irrigation Installers. If Irrigation is important to you, select the system that is built to support your irrigation operations every. single. day.

Our capabilities empower you to be the best you can be. How? By delivering an Irrigation Control System that is powerful in features, technology and capability, but that –importantly – will be reliable for decades so that you do not have to worry about irrigation or your irrigation control system, either.

World Class Hardware


Our Irrigation Control Systems utilize components made by exclusively by Motorola, integrated and optimized specifically for irrigation control and monitoring operations. Controllers (RTUs) and Wireless Hardware (Radios and Routers) from Motorola have been seamlessly integrated into our solution to provide unmatched reliability, wireless range capability and flexibility.

Capabilities as wide as your irrigation area

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Control Fertigation with ease and intelligence. Inject fertilizer dynamically, based on Flow Rate, pH, eC and more. Variable Rate Feritigation will change the rate of fertilizer injection pumps in real time to maintaining fertilizer injection concentrations into a mainline.

Filter Flushing

Based on Differential Pressure, Flush Filters more efficiently, only when your system needs a flush, and not based on time. This saves time, money, water and wear and tear on your irrigation system.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor irrigation operations in real-time from your smartphone, desktop, or web browser. See events, like leaks, soil moisture, pump failures and more from your Motorola Irrigation Dashboard.

Reservoir Level

Automatically keep reservoirs full and pumping costs low. Smart Reservoir controls will balance reservoirs based on conditions, such as energy peaks, water availability and irrigation schedules.

Irrigation Control

Control every aspect of your irrigation system. Pumps (VFDs, Diesel, Centrifugal), Wells, Valves, Gates, Canals, Turn-Outs, Filter Stations and much more with Motorola Irrigation. You are in control with Motorola. Even more, the IRRInet system is extremely robust and has mission-critical components to ensure irrigation runs every-time.

Flow Monitoring

Monitor Flow Rates in every Main Line and Sub Main for your Irrigation system. Motorola IRRInet measures flow in real-time, and also logs the data so you can easily see trends throughout the irrigation season. High or Low Flows can and do indicate issues within the irrigation system, and the powerful Flow Monitoring tools inside IRRInet provide the power to measure your flow.

Pressure Monitoring

Get insight into your irrigation system by knowing and controlling the pressure. Systems in graded topology may require segmented irrigation sets and a careful coordination of opening/closing valves to maintain adequate line pressure. Our system seamlessly manages this complex task.

Sensor Suite

The latest sensors, pumps or AgTech can be integrated into the Motorola IRRInet Control System. An Array of third party sensors and devices measuring Flow, Soil Moisture, Pressure, Plant Growth (dendrometers), Salinity, Weather and more can send and receive data to the IRRInet system. Irrigation Schedules and decisions can be set as conditional to a endless number of sensor data.

Quality. With a reputation to back it.

Built to last

Our Equipment is built to withstand being in the field - for years. and years. and years.

Branif Systems utilizes components from the most reputable sources that have a strong reputation in quality manufacturing. Our suppliers go through a stringent quality and testing process before we implement them in our systems.

Wireless Capability

The use of Motorola MOTOTRBO® radios to connect your field to the web provides users un-matched flexibility when automating a remote site, like a pump or filter station that can only be offered by the Branif solution. There are zero fees and a site to site wireless range of over 40 miles from a central internet connected router. Extend your system further with built-in repeaters in every controller which essentially can provide fast, reliable and subscription free wireless communications across a limitless area,  even when there is no direct line of site.

Dynamic Irrigation

Todays Modern Agricultural and Landscape Irrigation system must deploy multiple advanced technologies to be efficient and ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Motorola IRRInet can control multiple complex tasks that each directly or indirectly influence one another, like automatic scheduling based on sensory data (such as soil moisture, weather, etc.)

Control From Anywhere

Todays Modern Agricultural and Landscape Irrigation system must deploy multiple advanced technologies to be efficient and ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Motorola IRRInet can control multiple complex tasks that each directly or indirectly influence one another, like automatic scheduling based on sensory data (such as soil moisture, weather, etc.)

Selection of Branif Systems Ag Customers

Stahlbush Island Farms

Using our Irrigation Control Systems since 2014 to automate 5000 Acres of Blueberries and other mixed crops.

Ste Michelle Wine Estates

Branif Systems installed their Automated Irrigation Control System in 2007 on over 3500 Acres of Wine Grapes

Bayer - Monsanto Growers

Installed in 2002, Monsanto - Now Bayer Crop Sciences, has over 10000 Acres of Irrigated Corn Automated by our system using Motorola Technology

Cost Advantages

Zero Fees

Have the option to Pay absolutely no recurring fees with the Branif Systems Motorola IRRInet Control system. Essentially, this is the lowest cost automation system over five years as you will realize a  cost payback without ongoing recurring expenditure. IRRInet is the only system with web based capability that has the option of no fees.


Add or expand to your system easily with the modularity of Motorola IRRInet. Adding a new field? Just add a Piccolo XR. Adding Fertigation? Just add a IRRInet expansion I/O Module to your existing IRRInet ACE.


Motorola is known for manufacturing "Mission - Critical" systems, and IRRInet is no exception. The MTBF (Tested) is 30 years, longer by a wide margin than any other irrigation system on the market today.

Integration of third party sensor

Our system is compatible with nearly any third party sensor or control asset. Connect to weather stations, moisture sensors, pressure sensors, VFD panels, Databases and more with ease.

Supported by Motorola

Branif Systems has a broad range of engineers and experts to design, implement and support your automation systems. Fully backed by Motorola and our distribution partners, our customers are well supported around the globe. Branif Systems has been designing, implementing and supporting Professional Irrigation Control Systems since 1993 and is backed by 87 years of longevity from Motorola.

Longer Product Cycles

With long product cycles and backwards compatibility built into every IRRInet system, your investment will not become obsolete in 5, or even 10 years. Your IRRInet system will be compatible with the latest generation of ICC PRO water management software and the latest sensor technology.


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