Branif Systems Privacy Policy

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Protecting your data

The following is to provide users with information about how MotoIr collects, shares, and manages data and information collected while on this website. Motoir takes user privacy seriously, and respects your privacy to the highest degree. You are encouraged to read through this carefully and in detail.

What information does Branif Systems collect?

We collect personal information that you choose to supply, such as your name, address, email address, phone numbers and/or other categories of personal information, such as any content contained within a contact form.

Our web server system may collect additional information, such as the domain names of visitors to our web sites, in order to measure the use of our web sites and to make our site more useful.

We may use cookies to improve the response time of our web site and to deliver a better web site experience to our users.Additionally, in some cases, your Geographical Location will be anonymously categorized to improve our website.

What does Branif Systems do with your information?

Branif Systems only uses your information that we collect in ways that will benefit our customers and website users.

If you so choose to submit your contact details, Branif Systems will attempt to answer your inquiry and make contact with you based only on the information you provided to us. This includes submitting information through our contact form and/or sending an email to our online account managers. We may choose to enter your email and phone information into our database to provide you with future information of new products or services offered by Branif Systems, otherwise your information is stored in our server for no more than 365 days, after which it is automatically deleted.

We, under no circumstances (unless explicitly instructed to by you or law enforcement agencies under good faith), share your information with anyone or any organization outside of MotoIr Systems.

Your information may help Branif Systems determine certain website features and/or content that need to be added or deleted to improve overall usability.

What are my choices?

You do have a few choices to protect and keep your information accurate.

If you have submitted a contact form, or created a customer account, you can contact us via email or phone to have us modify or delete in part, or in whole, any information you have provided-or make specific requests as to what we do with your information.

You can access your information by contacting Branif Systems directly.

You can have Branif Systems transfer your information to another individual or organization by contacting Branif Systems directly. (NOTE: Identity verification will be necessary and explicit authorization).

What do we do to protect your information?

Your information is confidential and private-we take steps to ensure it remains that way.

Depending on what you are doing on our Website, where necessary, information is encrypted when it is sent and stored on our server and online platforms. This does not include contacting us on our “contact-us” page, or sending an email to our online account managers at “”

Information that is stored on our server is protected by encryption and a three-phase redundant security process.

Most personal information is deleted from our server after 65 days and no longer than 365 days