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IRRInet M is a capable machine. With many features that are present in the IRRInet ACE, the IRRInet M is a product that provides cost-effective and powerful capabilities . Ideal for locations with no power or challenging terrain obstacles, and suited for Field Automation and Monitoring for water management applications.

No Power? No Problem

The IRRInet M can be configured to run on 12 V. DC paired with a reliable Solar Kit. The IRRInet M consumes extremely little power, and only draws heavy usage on transmission. Because of the Motorola system management on board , the M packs high powered radio’s in a compact, self-sufficient CAS (complete assembly unit).

Sensor Suite

Need to read Moisture from a Soil Tensiometer? Pressure from a Transducer? Or how about control a motorized gate valve? The IRRInet M has built-in Analog and Digital I/O that allow you to use whichever sensors work best for your application. No need to mess around with interfaces, software packages, or integration. M comes complete with compatibility of over 100,000 different sensors

Communication Capabilities that give you Freedom

What’s better than having an all wireless system? Not having to pay every month $30.00. IRRInet M comes with the option of mid to high tier radios that provide reliable and fast wireless communication, but don’t come complete with the monthly statement. If you prefer GSM or other communication methods, IRRInet M does not fall short. With available RS 485/RS232 (wired), or Cellular. But Really, Why?


As your operation grows, technology changes, or you are expanding your automation system, the IRRInet M’s modular design promises greater flexibility to expand or add new and evolving technology while being cost-effective by only adding new modules. The IRRInet platform is designed with backwards and forwards compatibility, so know that in 10 years, you can have the latest technology with your 10 year old hardware.,

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16 DI/DO, 32 DO/DI, 8 AI/AO, MIXED I/O


In-Field Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone


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