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ICC PRO is a powerful water management platform that allows users the ultimate in control and monitoring. Combined user defined conditions and proprietary cutting-edge logic equates to an efficient operation that improves the overall bottom-line significantly.

ICC Pro (IRRInet Control Center) Software

ICC PRO has been developed with the latest in development tools and integration capabilities. For the users, it is designed to be friendly and simulates traditional irrigation methods through a customized graphic user interface that is created for customers before installation of the system. This makes the transition to dynamic and sophisticated control seamless and logical for users who are unfamiliar with control systems

Easy to Use

Water Management systems are no good if the users of the system cannot use them, or are reluctant and intimidated by the technology. ICC PRO was designed with that in mind throughout development, and utilizes powerful automation of the automation to create new programs, define parameters, setup a control point, and most importantly, the manual control and remote operation of the Motorola system.  How is this done.

Real-World Interface

The real interface is similar to how users are used to operating things in real life throughout the water management system. Adding new programs, mainlines, or other areas is simple. Drag and drop programs into the field units with one click.

Remote Control

We offer three different ways you can control your system away from the central. Remote Desktop: Log-in remotely into the central; ICC PRO Client for Windows: have ICC PRO in Mobile format on your tablet(Unlimited users can be on the system at once); SMS: Control your system with text messages and define what the text messages mean.

Always in the field-Virtually

Being out in the field is expensive. Driving, time, resources-all add up. having ICC PRO, you can access the field, see the field, control the field, just as if you were in the field, the only difference? Your not actually in the field.

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  • Powerful and intuitive Irrigation Control and Management Software
  • iOS and Adroid Easy to use mobile application for anywhere, anytime control and monitoring
  • Highly intuitive and easily customized User Interface
  • Powerful reporting tool which collects, archives and delivers customized operational data from remote sites
  • Sensor inputs are automatically logged and data may be displayed in trends •
  • Set dynamic conditions, logic flags and operational domains to handle unexpected events, complex PSI balancing, High/Low Flow, Optimal pH, EC, Temperature and more.
  • Powerful rule-based expert system providing decision rules
  • Hierarchical Administrative rights with different permissions for different users.
  • Support for thousands of third party moisture sensors, pumps, valve motors, VFDs, dendrometers, fertigaiton systems and more.




Apple® iOS version 12 or later and Android®Oreo (8.1) or later

IRRInet Type

IRRInet ACE, IRRInet M, Piccolo XR, IRRInet XM (CPU 420 or later)


Windows®10 Professional, Server or Enterprise


From 100 I/O to Unlimited Control/Monitoring/Logic Elements


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