Irrigation Control Center Pro

ICC PRO has been developed with the latest in development tools and integration capabilities. For the users, it is designed to be friendly and simulates traditional irrigation methods through a customized graphic user interface that is created for customers before installation of the system. This makes the transition to dynamic and sophisticated control seamless and logical for users who are unfamiliar with control system.

ICC PRO is the Irrigation Control Software for Professional Irrigation

The Tools
For the Professional

ICC Pro comes complete with a number of features that make it versatile and flexible to many users. Advanced SMS text and email alerting and reporting that does not require a cell SIM card is just one. Inter Operability between other control systems mean that whatever system you have in place today, whether its a HVAC automation system, or a automation system your already familiar with, ICC Pro will work with or within it.

Inputs/Outputs for Water Icon

Flexibility for your needs
Advanced Automation or Basic Monitoring

ICC PRO puts the power of capability flexibility in your hands. The advanced toolsuite to command your irrigation can make real-time automation simple and reliable. Real-time field conditions are monitored at all times, ensuring your irrigation system is running as it should, when it should.

ICC PRO Overview

ICC PRO is a robust, modern total water management system deigned for Motorola Irrigation IRRInet system. The Irrigation Professionals of today and tomorrow demand powerful and reliable capabilities to control, monitor and manage their irrigation. ICC PRO delivers.

Intuitive Conditional Logic

Conditional programs for irrigation are used to detect leaks, run dynamic programs, stop irrigation, reduce water usage and detect faults.

For example:
If it’s raining right now, suspend all irrigation. Or If the pressure exceeds 60PSI for longer than 40 seconds, open pressure relief valve 1 and 2. Or If reservoir A is below 25%, shut off low priority irrigation

Customizable Interface

Whether on the phone, desktop or tablet, ICC PRO offers every user the ability to connect to their irrigation system to view, make changes and see the real-time status of their irrigation system(s). Customers love the User Interface of ICC PRO as the unique irrigation elements are customized to their operation and is therefore natural and familiar to them and their irrigation staff. On the phone, ICC PRO is optimized for iOS and Android devices making for seamless transitions from the field to the office.

Any Sensor. Any Brand.

The Motorola Irrigation Control System can connect to nearly any brand of sensor, fertigation machine, moisture probe and more. Utilize existing sensors, valves and more when adding Motorola Irrigation to your operations. It is well known that specific brands of third party sensors work better in different environments, and we encourage our customers to shop around to find the ideal sensors. We also have a list of pre-tested third party sensors as a guide for prospective IRRInet users.

Irrigation Control for the Irrigation Proffesional

ICC PRO is only for those who are professional irrigators. What do we mean? For those who make money by irrigating. For those who make a living trying to conserve water. For those who rely on irrigation day in and day out. For those who a leak, a failure, too much fertilizer or under-watering could have serious consequences, because with ICC PRO, you entrust the experts at "Mission Critical" to get the job done.

Multiple ways to connect

Connect to your Motorola Irrigation System from anywhere.

On the go
IRRInet ICC PRO for iOS and Android is a simple, secure and easy way to control and monitor your irrigation operations.

In the Office
Remote ICC PRO Desktop is for the more complex tasks. Setting up your irrigation parameters, fertigation and more. Administrative rights can be controlled for larger systems

No phone or computer? Log-in securely from anywhere you are in the world to your Irrigation system.


Flexibility. Reliability. Capability. ICC PRO delivers the power of Motorola designed for Irrigation Professionals.

Sensor inputs are automatically logged and data may be displayed in trends

Two Way Control and Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Via Tablet or Smart Phone

Real-time performance analysis and status reporting for all field components

Wireless Communications are near instant, ensuring real time control, monitoring and automation.

Control Non-Irrigation Functions

Tariff/Time (TATI) water accumulation programs

Available with a Zero Fees option

Specifications and Features

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Remote I/O :

Sensors, Pulse Output Devices, Analog and Digital Inputs, Program Mainlines, Remote I/O, Slave Units

Up to Unlimited - Based on License
Up to Unlimited - Based on License
Up to Unlimited - Based on License
Up to Unlimited - Based on License
Up to Unlimited - Based on License

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ICC PRO is a desktop, web application ad mobile application software


iOS 11.1 or greater, Android Kitkat
Chrome, IE11 or greater, Firefox
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ICC PRO Primary Feature Specifications (only a small sample of available features)

Pulse Irrigation
Dynamic Fertigation:
Moisture Monitoring:
ET Base Irrigation:
Automatic Irrigation:
Google Maps Integration:
Filter Flushing:

IRRInet Radio Package W/CM200,CDM750, HT750
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Options and Industry Specific Certifications and Standards.

Enclosure Options:
Upgrade Ability:
User Modes:

Varies based on application
Modules for Expanded I/O, Sensors
IFI, RTU, Stand Alone
Central, Remote Client, SMS, Mobile App
quality (ISO9001:2000), 6 SIGMA, health and safety (OHSAS 18001), and environmental management (ISO 14001:2004), IA SWAT
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