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Our Solutions

Proven Automation Solutions in Water Management


Smart, cost-effective and reliable total irrigation control and monitoring systems for farmers of all types. Whether your growing the next Parker award winning vintage or producing commercial pistachios



Smart Irrigation goes far beyond ET and Weather Based irrigation scheduling. Vast areas require reliable and innovative wireless communications to keep costs down and increase water resource efficiency



Secure and reliable automation of Government water assets is nothing less than critical. You need to know where, how much, and when your water is moving. Branif Systems Motorola Irrigation solution delivers


Specialized Solutions

We’re specialist in advanced automation for water management. Anything that water moves through can be automated and measured with intelligent systems. Some of our applications are outside of the realm of our standard application, but that’s where our specialized solutions team comes in. We’re trained in the fundamentals of over 30 water management applications, from waste water to nitrogen measurement. Need to control and/or measure water in a new and exiting application? Branif Systems specialized team is your answer.

Flood Irrigation Automation to Railway switch control and alerting for major ports – Our specialized team is Specialized.

Specialized Capabilities

Wireless Communication Solutions
Access Control and Security Monitoring
Airport Telemetry and Gate Control
Port Safety and Signaling
Asset monitoring and remote control
Remote Metering
Real - Time and Instant Alerting
Full suite Scalable SCADA

The Branif Systems Advantage

Choosing Branif Systems for your automation needs ensures the highest quality solution reliability, cost efficiency and technology. Every Branif Systems solutions is rigorously field tested for three years in 180 different areas, refined and verified by our own quality control team and field engineers as well as our suppliers before being implemented to our customers. This lengthy process guarantees reliability and decades long smooth operations. Further, our absolute focus and priority is, and always has been our customer. We work one on one with each customer for the entire life of the solution. Our strong relationship with our customers for over 26 years has played a significant role in our long term success.

A glance of our water management capabilities

– Dynamic Irrigation Control
– Variable Frequency Drive Control and Monitoring
– Irrigation Scheduling
– Reservoir level Control and Monitoring

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