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Table Grape Grower using Motorola IRRInet

The System has paid for itself

Mark Hall of Grapevine Vineyards Inc, a premier table grape producer and award winning grower has had the Motorola Irrigation system since 2013, provided by Motorola and Branif Systems. Since having the system, it has fundamentally changed the way they grow grapes. The system has significantly increased their yield per acre by enabling them to irrigate more efficiently.

Further, not having to pay any recurring or subscription fees makes it possible for Mark to completely own his system and reach a complete return on his investment. The feeless system from Motorola has saved him thousands to date and will continue to pay dividends for the life of his system.

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Customer Training on ICC PRO.

Training: Fun and Informative

Training is as important as the capabilities of our solutions itself, and that’s why our training management team works hard to ensure we provide innovative hands-on training to our customers to ensure they are as familiar and comfortable with their systems as we are. Today, we got together with a few of our customers for a day of classroom and in-field training. The result? A team ready to use their system to it’s full potential and a few laughs along the way.

About this video: A highlight of a Branif Systems training on the new Motorola IRRInet ICC PRO to our customers. Film credit: Branif Systems Media.

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Irrigation Show Orlando Highlights

New Innovations in Water Control

Missed us at the IA? Here’s a recap of the week in Orlando.
– New ICC Pro Mobile App
– New Piccolo XR 8 Station
– New Analog to Digital Smart Card
– And much more!

About this video: A highlight of the Motorola Irrigation and Branif Systems Irrigation Show in Orlando, November 2017.

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Trade Show Highlights

The Ultimate Irrigating Machine – BMW Performance Centers

Control Irrigation with the push of a button

Our Specialized Solutions team delivered a simple, yet highly intuitive irrigation control system for BMW Group of North America. Their performance centers – a state-of-the-art track for BMW owners and enthusiasts to learn their “Ultimate Driving Machine™” and take their prized BMW’s to its’ limits – needed a system that can turn irrigation on and off quickly, reliably and with minimal cost. Our radio division developed a solution that enabled the 90 push-to-talk radios they already had on site to actuate irrigation with the push of a button. Now, BMW staff and driving instructors just push a button built into their Motorola TRBO® Digital Handhelds and water immediately wets the tracks. With the Branif system, Drivers and Customers alike can spend more time drifting, and less worrying about irrigating. Something both we and BMW are exceptionally happy about.

About this Video: Spotlight on Branif Systems Irrigation Control System for BMW Group, North America. Film Credit: Branif Systems Media.

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