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IRRInets – A Community for Motorola Irrigation users.
Share ideas. Learn. Utilize IRRInet like never before.

Connect with other IRRInet users Globally
Right now, as you read this, there are over 15,000 active Motorola Irrigation users worldwide. From Washington State to Cape Town, South Africa, to Sydney and everywhere inbetween. They are all using our solutions in innovative ways. Connect with them, here.

Share your ideas
Before embarking on the next big thing for your farm, city, or special application, ask the IRRInets community. Chances are, they have already done it. Now there’s no need to re-create the wheel. Get things rolling faster and much easier.

Its’ all about community. Learn from each other
IRRInet usesr share a common philosophy; They take their water management operations as seriously as one should. You have invested in a platform of automation solutions. Connect with one another to share your experiences and best practices. Formulate user groups, community and ideas.