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Water Management Platform

More than a system – A Platform

Motorola IRRInet is a total water management platform, meaning that you can add-on technologies of tomorrow with your IRRInet system. If today you just need soil moisture monitoring and tomorrow calls for integrated irrigation control, no problem – if you have IRRInet.

Irrigation Control

Our mission to move water with intelligence can only be accomplished by having a reliable product. Our current generation IRRInet system is the result of 46 years of learning how to make things better in the world of Automation.

Your field Connected

Each individual IRRInet Controller that is within your field is a gateway to intelligence. Want to know how much water you are applying? Connect it to IRRInet. Want to see your Variable Frequency Drive’s status? Connect it to IRRInet. How about knowing leaks or malfunctions will be detected instantaneously and then stopped – all while letting you know? IRRInet

Ready for the uncertain

Motorola field units (Remote Terminal Units) are locally wired to physical irrigation assets, such as valves, pumps, and filter. The RTUs are connected to our advanced water management software via high powered digital radios. Each RTU has plenty of capacity for tomorrow’s needs. So when you expand your automation capabilities, you don’t have to expand your automation system, because you have IRRInet


Irrigation Control
Pump Control
Flow and Pressure Monitoring
Precision Irrigation
Real Time Control and Monitoring
Irrigate by Volume
Real - Time and Instant Alerting

The IRRInet Platform Difference

Motorola IRRInet is not an Irrigation
Control and Monitoring system, its’ a
Water Management Platform. What is
the difference?

Your Motorola Irrigation system is a
communications link between the
field and the world around it. That means
adding pumps, canal gates,
VFDs, or setting up alerts, smart irrigation
cycles and other functions is seamless,
regardless of where that functionality
comes from. MotoIr brings those systems
together. It makes them talk to eachother,
to you, and to the field. That’s the key to
a 21st century intelligent water
management system; An intelligent
water management platform.

A glance of our capabilities

– Dynamic Irrigation Control
– Variable Frequency Drive Control and Monitoring
– Irrigation Scheduling
– Reservoir level Control and Monitoring

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