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Government Solutions

Water. Accounted For.

Wide ranging solutions that include total SCADA and Wireless Telemetry Solutions

Government agencies need un-paralleled value when it comes to water management and SCADA and wireless telemetry solutions. Our full suite water management solutions provide site flexibility, scalability and adaptability to all ranges of new and existing infrastructure enabling your agency to innovate water management automation and other wireless telemetry solutions without costly investments.

Secure wireless SCADA and Wireless Telemetry that is ready to deploy

From water storage and distribution to SCADA systems for government utilties, irrigation projects and water quality monitoring and control, Branif Systems provides proven solutions to government agencies at the right price. We make it easy on your agency procurement needs by providing a full range GSA Schedule Multiple Award Schedule. Our entire solution portfolio is on a GSA Schedule.

Proven and Cost-Effective Solutions

Our solutions use technology that government agencies already have in place or are very familiar with. It is this focus on using proven and familiar technology that meet or exceed government project specifications that yield a cost savings to agencies on ever more tighter budgets. For every government project, a dedicated project manager ensure quality assurance and is a direct point of contact from day one, and onward for the life of the system.

Robust and Secure Control of all Water Assets

All Branif Systems solutions for Government are equipped with enhanced security and redundancy on an already reliable and secure platform from Motorola. Our water control and monitoring systems can be contained 100% within government agency networks. Built in radio and RTU fail-overs are standard. Encrypted and licensed radio communication ensures reliable and private data transmission of critical telemetry at all times, among many other security and redundancy features.


Water Levels Control and Monitoring
Pump Control
Flow and Pressure Monitoring
Precision Irrigation
Real Time Control and Monitoring
Flume and River Levels, Width and Water Quality
Real - Time and Instant Alerting
Full suite Scalable SCADA and Telemetry systems
Access Control and Tamper Prevention

The Solutions Suite

A suite of solutions for specific and diverse applications for Government agencies give you the ultimate in peace of mind and flexibility. Our 24 years of experience working with Federal and local Governments on wide-ranging solutions had yielded highly refined and cost-effective solutions for all your water management needs.

Our solutions suite has been designed for your agency specific needs. Our capabilities are implemented and planned by industry experts using cutting edge technology. Our solutions suite is fully backwards and forwards compatible with existing and future infrastructure and all our solutions are compatible with each other, giving you the ultimate in system flexibility. Planning for tomorrow is simple with Branif Systems as your solutions are always ready for tomorrow. This goes for regulations, reporting, new technologies and feature enhancements.

Agencies that trust Branif Systems

National Park Service

The US Department of Defense


Save money, save time – Buy with GSA Advantage

– Buy Direct, no bidding or third-party vendors required
– Negotiated pricing with the General Services Administration
– Negotiated payment and shipping terms with GSA
– Discounts as high as 20% off all line items, including professional services and hardware

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All Branif Systems solutions are available on GSA Advantage