Agriculture Solutions

Agriculture Solutions

Solutions for todays grower. And tomorrow’s Farmer

With Branif Systems, your agriculture irrigation control and monitoring system isn’t just another new piece of technology that will become obsolete in just a few years. Our system is designed for the modern farmer who invests in assets that will pay them dividends from day one. Our hardware, utilizing industrial grade components that have a 25 year service life are backwards compatible with newer apps, sensors and control assets, meaning your agriculture irrigation control and monitoring system is a platform you can expand on.

New and Newer

IRRInet ACE, fourth generation irrigation controller seen with a IRRInet M, third generation irrigation controller, working in harmony on the same farm. There is 8 years between these units.


MIR 1048, out of production on January 1983, still operating for a grower with the latest IRRInet generation.

Solution: Control Irrigation

Take full control of your irrigation operations. Automate your irrigation system regardless of your system size. Our wireless capability provides unmatched flexibility, with up to a 40 miles of non line of site radio range – so that field in across the valley can now easily be automated.