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Automation goes way beyond the PLC or platform. Its’ a series of systems that must work in perfect harmony, together. Branif makes it happen. We integrate systems that make it seem as though each individual component was designed to all work perfectly together in the first place. And that’s how it should be.


Water is the life of our world, and at Branif, our mission is to develop innovative Water Management Solutions that moves water with efficiency, innovation and intelligence – This focus provides un-matched benefits to our customer. Water, with its’ journey from “A” to “B”, and often via point “C” tells a story. And that story is important to those who’s operations rely on water. We empower our customers to have real-time access to critical information from every aspect of water’s journey and provide them the capabilities to make decisions that impact their operation positively. We connect water to the world.


Turn-Key Water Control and Monitoring Automation Systems

We make world-renown ready to go, field ready Water Management Control and Monitoring Systems (WCMs). Our WCM systems are used primarily for Irrigation applications in Agricultural and Municipal sectors.

Wireless Reporting, Signaling, and Automation Solutions

Providing end to end solutions for applications requiring reliable and robust wireless control, activation, automation and reporting for mission-critical applications, including water utilities, water storage and niche use cases.

Specialized Radio Control, Data Management and Automation Solutions

Our Digital Radio Automation solutions are customized to customer requirements, but use a flexible system architecture that is off the shelf, providing cost-effective and reliable solutions to automate unique applications.

The Branif Advantage


“Intelligence Moving Water” Is much More than Moving Water

We’re happy you are interested in Branif. Since 1971, our goal always has been to provide the world’s best automation solutions to our customer. What defines the best? A system that provides the best value to the user. And what provides value in the context of an irrigation control automation system? Branif Defines these values in our operating guidelines as:



An Automation system immediately loses all value when it cannot be trusted.

Cost to Aquire/Cost to Operate

Our Systems must be competitive while not sacrificing quality. We ensure the lowest cost to own in the industry of Water Management Control systems by having zero fees, including zero cellular fees.


An Automation System is unlike a vehicle, it’s a platform that is expanded on. We have been making Irrigation Control and Monitoring Systems since 1971, with consistent growth ever since. We directly support our customers around the world with local teams and partners. All our products use components mostly from Motorola, and thus, we are directly supported by Motorola, a global electronics and telecommunications leader for over 86 years. The average age of our systems across 6,000 customers is 21.34 years.

Ease to Use

Our system is designed with the user in mind, whether that be a farm manager, irrigator, or owner/operator. Our customers guide us whenever we develop an update or add new features.


We work with technology providers across the water management industry to ensure their technology not only works within our system, but that its has been proven to provide an operational benefit to Branif Users. Branif does not manufacture any sensors, valves, or other auxiliary products, but our systems work with over 100,000 technology providers as our system is the platform these products integrate into.

Making Reliable Irrigation Control and Monitoring Accessible

In the past, automating your Irrigation operations, or measuring water tank levels, or water quality was daunting. You had two choices, try make due with a budget “Web Based System” that was not reliable and had recurring fees or buy a robust SCADA based control system that was significantly more expensive, but would never let you down. You needed experts to help make it all work and a large budget, making automating viable for only the largest of operations.

Now, Branif Systems has made a system that provides more capabilities than even the most expensive SCADA systems, simplified them for your exact needs, and most importantly, made it significantly more accessible so that you do not have to compromise. We took existing systems that have proven themselves for decades, made slight enhancements, and developed IRRInet 2.0, based directly off Motorola’s IRRInet system. 

Our applications


Using Motorola Irrigation's world renowned IRRInet system, Branif Systems provides total water management control and monitoring automation solutions for wide ranging irrigation applications; Including Agriculture, Municipalities, and Government Agencies. Smart Weather Based Irrigation? Absolutely - our water management platform takes in crop type, weather information, geographical location and more to help inform you on smart irrigation practices. Pump control? Our system can control pumps and monitor pumps; Whether you have the latest VFDs or old Diesel pumps. Where water Flows, Branif Systems Goes.


Farming - Perhaps one of the most fundamental aspects of modern society. When we pioneered irrigation, we set the building blocks to grow as a population and thus, a modern civilization that we are today. However, with growing population, the need for water resources is starting to strain natural cycles of water supply. Efficient, reliable and intelligent management of water is essential to meet these straining demands. Branif Systems provides farmers with the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective automation solutions to enable them to better manage water. From Automatic Irrigation Scheduling to precise Fertigation. From Center Pivot Control to Pump Control. We connect water to your world.

Water Distribution

Transporting water to various sources - reservoirs, storage tanks, residents, offices, and lakes - is essential to farmers, cities, and every one in society. An intricate process that involves multiple stakeholders and assets. Accurately and reliably managing these processes guarantees efficiency, accountability and maximizes outputs. Branif Systems provides solutions for wireless automation, telemetry, data logging and quality assurance automation for water distribution. Managing and controlling gates, mainlines, laterals, pumps, meters and much more, we automate and connect these processes into a simplified, intuitive platform so that your operation can focus on delivering a quality service while minimizing waste and reducing costs.

Special Projects

Branif Systems has broad experience in Automation. If you or your organization have a special process application that could benefit from automation please feel free to contact us. We have worked on projects that range from Signaling Control for the Port of Long-Beach to communications and electrical metering an Air Force Base. Our specialization is with Wireless Automation.

Agriculture Solutions

Smart, cost-effective and reliable total irrigation control and monitoring systems for farmers of all types. Whether your growing the next Parker award winning vintage or producing commercial pistachios


Turf and Municipal Solutions

Smart Irrigation goes far beyond ET and Weather Based irrigation scheduling. Vast areas require reliable and innovative wireless communications to keep costs down and increase water resource efficiency


Government and Specialized Solutions

Secure and reliable automation of Government water assets is nothing less than critical. You need to know where, how much, and when your water is moving. Branif Systems Motorola Irrigation solution delivers